Patron: Robbie Williams


24/7 Helpline: 0800 030 6789

Why We Help

We are a group of individuals mostly from the music industry, in recovery from conditions like alcoholism, addiction, stress, depression, and other emotional and mental health issues.

We know the darkness of being in the midst of it, and we know how difficult it can be to come out the other side without any help – especially in our industry.

Our industry and the related lifestyle can breed an environment where issues are not spotted, ignored, tolerated and even encouraged – until it’s too late. Then the firing, dismissal, being kicked out the band, thrown off the tour. A few of the many many consequences that arise as a result of the initial condition.

Our industry enables these conditions but does nothing to treat them. Stories of people dying as a result are far too common, tragic and totally uncecessary.

We all know the high profile cases. Just as tragic are the many day to day people who suffer the same hideous decline and ultimate death.

Knowing that it takes one to help one, we are offering the Music Support service as a small beginning towards what we hope will be a far greater understanding of these life and death conditions within the industry.

If we can help just one person then it will all have been worth it.