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Why it’s needed

Some very scary statistics:

This is just the start. Figures below from our sister charity EntertainmentAssist in Australia are nothing less than shocking. UK research is currently being undertaken by our sister charity Help Musicians UK, and we anticipate that they will be equal or or more drastic.

*59.5% of entertainment industry workers have sought help for mental health issues, that’s 1 in 3 vs 1 in 4 of General population
* 40% of performers have been diagnosed with a mental illness
* A pilot study in the US fund performing artists live much shorted lives on average than the rest of the working community

Road crew
* 1 in 2 road crew have experienced mental health issues, including suicide ideation, but NONE of them sought help for their issue(s)
* In Australia, ARCA was set up in response to alarming anecdotal figures that of 125 roadies (from the mid 1970s to the late 1980s) who died prematurely, 26 had committed suicide. That’s nearly 2 people a year (over that period) taking their own life due to extreme mental suffering.

Entertainment industry workers are 10 times more likely (than the general population) to suffer from anxiety and more prone to suffer insomnia and sleep disorders. Low pay, drug and alcohol abuse are contributing factors.

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