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What have our music and live events industry colleagues said about their experience of using Thrive?

I found out about the Thrive app through music support. It has a range of features far greater than anything similar I’ve seen; from meditation techniques to online therapy. The CBT section alone is worth an app of its own. It’s a mental health toolkit with real suggestions and actual help.”
Thrive has been my go-to for helping keep my well-being on track... it’s been an incredibly useful resource with handy tips and insights (via Instagram) that have been invaluable throughout the past year with the pandemic. Highly recommend!
Julie Cotton
Touring Production Co-ordinator

“Having access to the Thrive app has been invaluable in helping me manage my anxiety and overall mental health. Working in live events meant I didn’t work for most of 2020, and so I experienced long bouts of both depression and anxiety during a somewhat unpredictable year. Using the app to set daily goals based on your current mood and feelings of anxiety is extremely helpful, especially as the app encourages you to enjoy daily exercise, have contact with others and take part in a range of relaxation and mindfulness sessions. I live with an anxiety disorder, which often manifests as physical pain during times of immense stress, so the daily Deep Muscle Relaxation exercises were fantastic at helping me cope with this. You’re part of a supportive online community too. Being able to send messages of encouragement to others to help them achieve their goals wasn’t something that I took for granted.  It does certainly make you feel better, and when you receive a message in return, it can really set you up for the day.” Jo Smith, Senior Marketing Manager

“I like how the information is broken up into small, manageable pieces. It makes it easier to learn and retain information for later.”​

“I am finding the meditation exercises useful and enjoy….learning about how my thoughts, emotions, behaviours and physical reaction to a situation are all different and interlinked.”​

“I’ve been using the Thrive app for the last 3 weeks….It’s helped me gain an understanding on controlling my mood. Big thank you to Music Support for this.” ​

“I have found the Thrive app a great resource that has really helped me to keep on track during the pandemic. All with the help of Music Support, so thank you!”​​

”I’ve been using the app for a couple of months and it is very helpful, educational and supportive in a number of ways. Get the app people!”​

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