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As part of Music Support’s involvement with Addiction Awareness Week, we are delighted to offer a number of places for you to attend one of our brand-new Addiction and Recovery Workshop. It is designed to reinforce Music Support’s desire to positively impact health and wellbeing. The four-hour course will:

  • Help you to define what addiction and recovery is (breaking down associated stigmas)
  • Provide an understanding of the factors that can lead to addiction
  • Instil confidence in recognising the signs and symptoms of addiction
  • Offer guidance around starting conversations to help kickstart recovery 

We are keen to hear from applicants who are passionate about:

  • Improving their knowledge and understanding about addiction and recovery
  • Challenging misconceptions and stigma about addiction and recovery
  • Supporting their friends / colleagues / loved ones’ health and wellbeing

Please note applying does not guarantee you a place on the course.  We are unable to offer feedback to applicants or other specific information about individual applications received.

You must be 18+ to attend this course. Please confirm age range you are in:

Which region is home for you?:

How/where did you hear about this workshop?:

Tell us why you would like to complete this course? (in no more than 200 words):

What dates are you potentially available to attend training?
Monday 25th October
Wednesday 27th October
Thursday 28th October

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If you would like to learn more about Music Support’s activity surrounding Addiction Awareness Week, including our exclusive fundraising auction, please click here