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Thrive is an evidence-based app to prevent, detect and manage stress, anxiety, and related conditions. Developed in the UK by specialists with many years of clinical experience, the app uses easy to learn, clinically proven techniques to help you live a happier, more relaxed, stress-free life.

Thrive is designed to help not just the 1 in 4 currently struggling with a Mental Health issue, but the 4 in 4 of us who can benefit from tools to better control emotions and maintain good mental health.

The app helps you monitor your mood and teaches you mindfulness techniques such as meditation and deep muscle relaxation that with practice have shown to help people cope better with stressful situations. It also has a ‘thought trainer’ programme based on cognitive behavioural therapy to help you manage those negative thoughts. With no rules to use the app, you are free to jump in for just a few minutes to relax before a stressful situation or use it more regularly to improve resilience and keep stress under control.

Thrive is treated like a medical record. Your information is not shared with any third parties, and any information you add to the Thrive app is owned by you and is strictly Private and Confidential.

The app uses techniques that have been practised in hospitals and clinics for years, but in a fun and engaging format. Thrive has a research programme in partnership with leading Universities and Research institutions, such as The University of Roehampton, UCL and many more. Thrive are focused on continuously improving the engagement and efficacy of the app with the end user experience at the forefront.

Thrive currently supports over 3.6 million users across the world in many different sectors, including the Music and Live Events Industry.

Thrive is available on all Android, Apple and web-based devices. It is not currently supported on Windows phones, although this is in the development pipeline.

Thanks to funding from the BRIT Trust, BRIT Awards and partners from the recorded music sector, Music Support is pleased to offer one year’s FREE subscription (for a limited period) to Thrive to our peers in the Music and live events industries. Please click here to tell us what part of the sector you work in and register for your free account.

If you have any questions or would like to provide feedback on your experience of using Thrive please email us at For any technical queries, feature improvements or bug fixes, please contact

Watch this tutorial to learn more about how the app works.

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Find out more about Thrive and download for free here.